Experience the difference

The Pure South HANDPICKED range is by its very definition among the finest lamb and beef created and selected from New Zealand.

The selection criteria may be based upon region, season or breed. Whatever the basis for a particular product, our aim is to curate and hand select for exceedingly high quality and consistency.

And only the finest produce ever makes the grade, a percentage that remains firmly in the single figures.


Where Can You Find It?

The Pure South HANDPICKED range is intended for the exacting quality, consistency and sizing demands of food service; that is restaurants, cafes and eateries. 

It won’t be found on traditional retail shelves.

But when you see it on a menu you can be assured that a small team of quality obsessed individuals have worked hard for your culinary enjoyment. 


Who Handpicks?

The Pure South HANDPICKED range relies upon a small team of very talented individuals.

They don’t live in the normal or regular. They exist in the extraordinary; the smallest of margins that yield the highest of quality. 

The team includes dedicated farmers who take great pride in creating the extraordinary; highly experienced livestock personnel who have an uncanny eye for identifying excellence and the near obsessive master grader as the final arbiter.

All are directed by a singular purpose - create and select for excellence.

Your chef is the creative genius. The final judge, of course, is you.



Our Story

Our products bring together the quality and experience of New Zealand's best farmers with the expertise of New Zealand's leading meat company.